FTI Case Study Insights:

  • FTI Touristik has been using Adtriba for customer journey analyses and data-driven attribution modelling since 2017. Previously, the company mainly used a last-click attribution, which for example resulted in the following challenges:
  • Lack of transparency about how much each individual online marketing campaign contributes to sales in a cross-channel context
  • Campaign evaluation without taking into account the customer journey and the interactions between the marketing channels

You will also learn about:

  • After two weeks, the team of FTI Touristik had the first customer journey insights and thus optimisation potential. The following insights amongst others can be recorded:
  • The performance of metasearch cam-paigns and bookings through affiliates using travel vouchers are evaluated in a much more differentiated way
  • 70% of conversions attributed to affiliates through a last-click view cannot be confirmed according to the Adtriba attribution model

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