Apopro Case Study Insights:

Before starting with Adtriba's attribution model, Apopro Online Apotek's online marketing team used last-click attribution to evaluate their digital marketing campaigns. Their challenges included the following:

  • Needed a holistic view of all customer journeys
  • TV ads should be evaluated in a cross-channel context and in connection with digital marketing channels
  • Display ad views should be integrated into the attribution for evaluating display ads correctly
  • CLV attribution should also be taken into account

You will also learn about:

After two weeks, Apopro Online Apotek's online marketing team received its first customer journey insights, respectively optimisation potentials. Among other things, the following results can be summarised:
  • The ROAS of the different TV channels could be understood in a cross-channel manner
  • Budgets was increased for stations with a good ROAS and decreased for underperforming ones
  • Order-ID level analysis of customer journeys allowed detailed analysis of customer journeys with TV ad touchpoints (e.g. basket analysis)

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